Masters 2004

Masters was held June 26th & 27th, at Grand National Golf Club in Hinckley, MN.


 It was a mostly cloudy, cool and occasionally rainy tournament. Several amazing rounds were played on Saturday for the individual championship.

The Field of Masters 2004
The field of Masters 2004

With a round of 81 for a net score of 62, the champion for 2004 was Ray Johnson!

even though he's showing a disfiguring hand cramp, Ray still looks happy as he celebrates his victory. Especially since he knows that he has achieved an automatic berth into next year's tournament.

There was a tie in the scramble on Sunday with a score of -2 by the red and blue teams. The scorecard tie-breaker went to the blue team consisting of Wipes, Ray, Steve and Mike.


Joe's Big Adventure

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Player handicaps on June 21, 2004

Bonde 11.00
Wipers 13.29
Volbert 15.03
Li'l Joe Andert 16.49
Haslerud 16.53
Johnson 18.78
Book 23.02
Fine 25.84
Thielen 25.36
Prohofsky 26.14
Liston 27.76
Lepasepp 28.81
Jagow 29.16
Broude 43.54

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